30 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi


Internationally known Turkish artist Bedri Baykam who used to be an ex tennis player and who writes the Roland Garros tournament for the Turkish Press, is having an art show in Roland-Garros entitled "The Imaginary Museum of Roland-Garros by Bedri Baykam".
The show takes place at the Museum of the French Tennis Federation that is situated in Roland Garros. The President of the french tennis Federation M. Jean Gachassin has made the inauguration of the show on the 22nd of May, together with the start of the main draw.
Baykam uses a different new technique that he calls "4Ds"; those are lenticular prints that give a very heavy feeling of depth and use combined images together that end up producing a 3D effect much more advanced than holograms. The 4th dimension is "time" since Baykam brings together in those images, players from every generation. Thus we can see Sharapova playing in front of the legendary french Muskeeters or Nadal, Tilden and Bjorn Borg are together on the same image. Nastase, Federer, Soderling and Gerulaitis happen to encounter each other on this fantasy land. The players are often situated in arena type settings also with wild beasts on their side and legendary players and unforgettable matches are displayed together.
Baykam has been using htis technique since 2007 and has developped it over the last 15 years when he has been using all types of painterly or digital photography or material related transparencies and has finally decided to use all these together in combination on the lenticular surface.The results have beeen startling. His 4D works have already been shown in galleries and Museums in Istanbul, London, Shangai, California, Monaco, Berlin, Ankara and Paris. Last year he had a parallel show with the legendary norvegian artist Edvard Munch at the Pinacotheque de Paris Museum where a Munch retrospective was going on. Baykam was asked to do the contemporary version on Munch.
Baykam's show at the Museum in Roland-Garros will last till the 5th of March 2012.
For more info: www.bedribaykam.com

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